Ministry Offerings


Bhakti yoga makes life a moment to moment adventure, and I want to share this joy which I have found.

I am on a mission, actually. I want to serve my spiritual teacher in any way that I can.

If I can play a role in bringing souls back to their true blissful loving state, I will feel very happy with how I’ve spent my life.

There are several ways that my humble self can be of service, some ideas are listed below. If you have any requests for something outside of what is listed, please feel free to run it by me.

I am commited that each person I come in contact with feels received and compassionately understood on their unique journey.

I am at your service. 

I am ready to guide you and your family, group, community, or company in elevating your consciousness. Here are a few ways I can support you.

Mantra Meditation

Transformative Communication

Vedic Cooking Classes

Kirtan Events

Vedic Philosophy Presentations