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The perfect Context to go Within

When I arrived to Malini’s home, I felt welcomed into a cocoon of safely and support to go within. We had a beautiful dinner and read together on my first night. What we read supported me to shed any distractions that kept me from focusing on my spiritual practice. Malini answered all the questions I had and lead me to look deeper within my Self. We practiced together, walked in nature and ate nourishing meals! I feel 10x more commitment towards my own practice and I feel so much more peaceful in my home life after staying for just two nights at the Bhakti Yoga Retreat! I will be coming again and again to this spiritual haven. 🙏🏽

Payal Khurana
Starter Space

Her uplifting, God conscious oasis

I came to Malini’s home in need of a desperate spiritual recharge. I have been practicing the Bhakti yoga path for seven years now and in my sixth year was struggling each day to feel enthusiastic in continuing my daily practices. I knew I needed care and support from someone dedicated and enthusiastic in their Bhakti practice to help me get out of my rut. I stayed with Malini for four days and she completely lifted my consciousness out of the gutter to help me see again why I started practicing Bhakti yoga. I feel eternally indebted to her for saving my spiritual life. This definitely won’t be the only time I go on retreat to her uplifting, God conscious oasis. I see being at Malini’s retreat as my yearly spiritual check up and upliftment program needed for the overall wellbeing of my life. I also look forward to bringing my mom and friends with me. Thank you Malini for being a shining light in my life who I can confidently confide in, feel completely accepted by and deeply supported to upgrade my life habits. I hope to emulate you in superior God consciousness more and more each day.

Sri Radha dd

An experience like no other, truly life changing

To say that Malini and her offerings are special would be a serious understatement. Entering her home is equivalent to leaving the material world and walking through a spiritual portal towards transcendental bliss. I have never experienced something so pure, ecstatic, and transformative in my life. I have been practicing yoga (asana) for over a decade yet I was never able to connect with the euphoria of self realization as deeply as I did during the one week I spent with Malini. Because of her mentorship and through practicing the scientific methods she taught me, including mantra meditation, kirtan, and reading sacred texts, I feel more grounded and happier than ever. I have taken the wisdom she shared with me and applied it to my life, and the changes I have experienced have been monumental. If you are seeking growth and self discovery, if you are looking to deepen your yoga practice and understand the origin of this ancient science, look no further. Say YES to the devine process of bhakti with Malini, and I guarantee you will notice the benefits.

Amanda Allikmaa
An experience like no other, truly life changing

My heart could unwind from the pressures of everyday life

Malini welcomed me into her ashram and home during a time when I was going through some personal stress regarding family and relationship. I found the environment, Malini’s company, nourishing to my heart. It deeply encouraged me in honoring my spiritual practice. I needed to have an immersion in the culture of Bhakti spirituality, because it allowed me to clear up any doubts and confusion I was facing at multiple levels.

Thank you so much, Malini, for helping me to water my soul during my time at your beautiful and serene ashram.

Stephanie Voight

Malini is an invaluable resource

As someone who falls into the categories queer and trans, I found my upbringing of being raised conservative evangelical to be deeply traumatizing. I could not see a reality where my relationship with God wasn’t scarred by pain and rejection or spurred by obligation.

Through Malini’s association and gentle support I slowly opened myself up to a new paradigm where there was room for a peaceful, loving and healing relationship with my maker.

I experience Malini as a true devoted servant of Krsna and the joy she emanates from her relationship with God is contagious and inspiring. I noticed whenever I made time to participate in the Bhagavad Gita reading class or morning program, it was always a good day. And as time went on, my life transformed.

I started to have a new and deeper understanding of all the verses I heard growing up, and it gave me life reading them. Listening and singing about Christ became where I felt the most safe and happy. And the peace I experienced in these moments of reading sacred text and singing devotional songs grew and stayed with me more and more throughout the week.

I feel so grateful to know and be supported by Malini, and I will always treasure the valuable time I’ve had in her company. If you want to create a meaningful relationship with your creator or connect with life’s purpose, Malini is an invaluable resource.

Jonny Groger

Such a Profound Gift 💝

I did a 2 night retreat with Malini and can positively say that it was transformative and aligning for me. My habits to support my spiritual life have been further attuned, and my enthusiasm for my service has reignited more fully. I am now deeply inspired and called to more fully transform my home into a Temple space and to share it with others.

The space that she holds on every level is such a pure, clean, and clear vibration of devotional service and Love. If you are here reading I urge you to answer the call to receive such a sacred offering. It’s a privilege to have to come into contact with and have access to, and the value available in it is profound. I also learned some invaluable cooking skills that have expanded my culinary knowledge/repertoire and Love with cooking for Krishna! 🙇‍♀️ Malini was so gracious and generous with her time, energy, presence, and offerings. Every moment was so precious and impactful.

Malini as a spirit soul and her retreat is such a gift to this world, a portal of Light, Love, Reverence, Purity, Potency, Devotion, and Divinity. I am honored to be in her association, and the opportunity to share with her in her Life’s work and to receive such a blessing is worth every bit of investment. Invest in yourself and your spiritual life in this way, open, receive, and participate. See for yourself. 😌

Thank you Malini for surrendering yourself in such pure devotional service and sharing this Love with the world. To me, this is the highest purpose of human existence and you embody it beautifully. Hare Krshna. 🙏💛🙏

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,


Kristen Lutz
Evolving Consciousness LLC

I could attend to my soul

A few months after I experienced a serious health crisis I really felt a strong need to retreat, unplug from escape mechanisms, let go of all responsibilities, and hit the reset button. I felt very depressed. But it crossed my mind to go to the Bhakti Yoga Retreat, and when I ran it by Malini, she said yes! Due to my urgent need, she squeezed me in 5 days later. Soon after I arrived I felt my total enthusiasm and love for God consciousness return. It was not difficult in the clean clear space which Malini provides. I was able to simply attend to my soul. Malini had a steady knowing of what we could co-create as each day and night passed. I felt secure and guided, and I began to trust my intuition as to what my soul needed and wanted. Everything felt simple and clear in the retreat environment.

The take away for me is – actually, I love to center my life on serving God. I just need to clear the static, plug back in, and remember. I picked right back up where I left off with my enthusiasm in spiritual life. There it was. A practice and a way of life that gives me a lot of happiness. I feel that I have returned to myself. I’ve done so much personal growth, soul-searching, healing, etc, but I feel nothing compares to sacred space and immersion in God consciousness, which Malini excellently provides. So grateful!! PS All the meals were absolutely DIVINE!

Dominique Fruscella

I hope you will give yourself this gift!

I am so grateful to Marie for the wonderful Bhakti Yoga retreat. The meditation practice opened a door for me to return to spiritual practice in a more profound way. The food was delicious and the accommodations comfortable. If you are reading this review and considering a bhakti yoga retreat, I hope you will give yourself this gift! You will be glad you did.

Anne Hirsch

I truly lived an experience of love and connection to God

My experience at the Bhakti Yoga Retreat was deeply fulfilling. Malini welcomed me with a warmth that stayed throughout my stay with her. Her free spiritual intake coaching session was very eye-opening and supportive. Malini has a way of simply being an embodiment of acceptance and love, and showing her deep understanding of my sharing. I got insight from that what was blocking me, what was important to me, and what I needed to connect with to transcend my blocks. Throughout the stay I joined her for morning programs, which were meaningful and enriching, and when other people joined, the sense of community was comforting. We cooked together, ate lunch together, and there were many opportunities for me to perform service which was humbling and satisfying for me personally. Whenever Malini was available, she was always happy to discuss philosophy and answer any of my questions. When I arrive, Malini clearly explained what was important to her in her home, and that supported me to feel comfortable, like her home was my home. I look forward to my next bhakti retreat with Malini. I know her home is always my second home. I feel like during my stay I truly lived an experience of love and connection to God, and that has made a meaningful impact on my relationship with myself, and my overall experience of my life since then.

Brielle Martinez

The facility is a true sacred space

I’ve stayed in Malini’s sweet home a number of times over these last years. Although I didn’t stay as a bhakti yogi guest, her personality (calm, present, gentle, transparent), home, and environment put me into a very healing space. The facility is a true sacred space and was the kind of environment I needed to cleanse and detox my mind, body and spirit. I am grateful to the way Malini opens her home and heart.


Her devotion is contagious!

Staying at the Bhakti Yoga Retreat centre with Malini was one of my most enriching spiritual associations. It reminded me of the Bhagavad Gita verse 2:41 – “Those who are on this path are resolute in purpose, and their aim is one. O beloved child of the Kurus, the intelligence of those who are irresolute is many-branched.” Indeed, I experienced Malini to be resolute in purpose with the aim of devoting her life and every moment to loving and serving the Supreme Lord. All her cooking, cleaning, coaching and daily activities were done in the mood of absorption in service to Krishna. Her devotion is contagious! The environment was very peaceful and conducive for spiritual practices. Malini’s superb warmth, care, friendliness and service attitude provided a safe and comforting space. I confidently reccomend those who are seeking a first-class spiritually uplifting association and environment to take advantage of this facility.

Brajarani dasi

It was probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself

I attended Malini’s Bhakti-yoga morning programs every day, for 3 months. It was probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I felt my heart was melting in her presence and I experienced increasing flow of love for God. I’m inspired by Malini’s joy in steady spiritual practice, by her devotion to teacher’s mission and her genuineness. I’m thankful for her kindness and deep loving care; as well as for her experienced guidance in all aspects (practical and philosophical) of devotional service.

Helena Pokorova

I highly recommend you give yourself that gift.

My stay at Malini’s Bhakti Yoga Retreat was one of the most impactful spiritual experiences of my life.

Malini’s commitment to self realization and service through the teachings of A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is profound, grounded and real. She provides a unique space for deep inquiry into the teachings which allowed me to bring the practices into my life in a meaningful way.

Her devotion pours through into everything she does whether it’s playing harmonium, reading Bhagavad Gita or cooking prasadam, which she has a very special talent for! Reading sacred texts with Malini breathes new life into the experience. She has a unique perspective that I find refreshing and helps me apply the teachings into my daily life so that it doesn’t just feel like an abstract philosophy, but a lived experience of devotion and love.

If you have an opportunity to explore your spiritual life in the safe and loving space of her retreat, I highly recommend you give yourself that gift.

Kylie Slavik

I enjoyed her hospitality, kindness, and deep understanding

I have met Malini through Satvatove programs and was moved and inspired her example. I also want to live my life with a similar level of purpose and inspiration. So have spent several days with Malini and enjoyed her hospitality, kindness and intimate and deep understanding of my internal process. I have gotten to know how the life of the devotee practicing Bhakti Yoga looks like and what does it mean to practice Bhakti Yoga. I have experienced it myself, including chanting, spiritual reading, communal singing and philosophical discussions led by Malini and David. That experience has cleared the special space and created the internal state for me to look inside myself, to understand myself, to connect to myself. Malini’s devotion and the call to serve creates such an atmosphere of love, kindness, and at the same time staying on purpose that it becomes contagious. She is an excellent cook as well and generously shares her recipes. Overall I experienced uncluttering of my life and time and opening of the space for deep connection, meditation, contemplation and creation …. I am very grateful for this experience.


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