As someone who falls into the categories queer and trans, I found my upbringing of being raised conservative evangelical to be deeply traumatizing. I could not see a reality where my relationship with God wasn’t scarred by pain and rejection or spurred by obligation.

Through Malini’s association and gentle support I slowly opened myself up to a new paradigm where there was room for a peaceful, loving and healing relationship with my maker.

I experience Malini as a true devoted servant of Krsna and the joy she emanates from her relationship with God is contagious and inspiring. I noticed whenever I made time to participate in the Bhagavad Gita reading class or morning program, it was always a good day. And as time went on, my life transformed.

I started to have a new and deeper understanding of all the verses I heard growing up, and it gave me life reading them. Listening and singing about Christ became where I felt the most safe and happy. And the peace I experienced in these moments of reading sacred text and singing devotional songs grew and stayed with me more and more throughout the week.

I feel so grateful to know and be supported by Malini, and I will always treasure the valuable time I’ve had in her company. If you want to create a meaningful relationship with your creator or connect with life’s purpose, Malini is an invaluable resource.