My experience at the Bhakti Yoga Retreat was deeply fulfilling. Malini welcomed me with a warmth that stayed throughout my stay with her. Her free spiritual intake coaching session was very eye-opening and supportive. Malini has a way of simply being an embodiment of acceptance and love, and showing her deep understanding of my sharing. I got insight from that what was blocking me, what was important to me, and what I needed to connect with to transcend my blocks. Throughout the stay I joined her for morning programs, which were meaningful and enriching, and when other people joined, the sense of community was comforting. We cooked together, ate lunch together, and there were many opportunities for me to perform service which was humbling and satisfying for me personally. Whenever Malini was available, she was always happy to discuss philosophy and answer any of my questions. When I arrive, Malini clearly explained what was important to her in her home, and that supported me to feel comfortable, like her home was my home. I look forward to my next bhakti retreat with Malini. I know her home is always my second home. I feel like during my stay I truly lived an experience of love and connection to God, and that has made a meaningful impact on my relationship with myself, and my overall experience of my life since then.