I have met Malini through Satvatove programs and was moved and inspired her example. I also want to live my life with a similar level of purpose and inspiration. So have spent several days with Malini and enjoyed her hospitality, kindness and intimate and deep understanding of my internal process. I have gotten to know how the life of the devotee practicing Bhakti Yoga looks like and what does it mean to practice Bhakti Yoga. I have experienced it myself, including chanting, spiritual reading, communal singing and philosophical discussions led by Malini and David. That experience has cleared the special space and created the internal state for me to look inside myself, to understand myself, to connect to myself. Malini’s devotion and the call to serve creates such an atmosphere of love, kindness, and at the same time staying on purpose that it becomes contagious. She is an excellent cook as well and generously shares her recipes. Overall I experienced uncluttering of my life and time and opening of the space for deep connection, meditation, contemplation and creation …. I am very grateful for this experience.