A few months after I experienced a serious health crisis I really felt a strong need to retreat, unplug from escape mechanisms, let go of all responsibilities, and hit the reset button. I felt very depressed. But it crossed my mind to go to the Bhakti Yoga Retreat, and when I ran it by Malini, she said yes! Due to my urgent need, she squeezed me in 5 days later. Soon after I arrived I felt my total enthusiasm and love for God consciousness return. It was not difficult in the clean clear space which Malini provides. I was able to simply attend to my soul. Malini had a steady knowing of what we could co-create as each day and night passed. I felt secure and guided, and I began to trust my intuition as to what my soul needed and wanted. Everything felt simple and clear in the retreat environment.

The take away for me is – actually, I love to center my life on serving God. I just need to clear the static, plug back in, and remember. I picked right back up where I left off with my enthusiasm in spiritual life. There it was. A practice and a way of life that gives me a lot of happiness. I feel that I have returned to myself. I’ve done so much personal growth, soul-searching, healing, etc, but I feel nothing compares to sacred space and immersion in God consciousness, which Malini excellently provides. So grateful!! PS All the meals were absolutely DIVINE!