I came to Malini’s home in need of a desperate spiritual recharge. I have been practicing the Bhakti yoga path for seven years now and in my sixth year was struggling each day to feel enthusiastic in continuing my daily practices. I knew I needed care and support from someone dedicated and enthusiastic in their Bhakti practice to help me get out of my rut. I stayed with Malini for four days and she completely lifted my consciousness out of the gutter to help me see again why I started practicing Bhakti yoga. I feel eternally indebted to her for saving my spiritual life. This definitely won’t be the only time I go on retreat to her uplifting, God conscious oasis. I see being at Malini’s retreat as my yearly spiritual check up and upliftment program needed for the overall wellbeing of my life. I also look forward to bringing my mom and friends with me. Thank you Malini for being a shining light in my life who I can confidently confide in, feel completely accepted by and deeply supported to upgrade my life habits. I hope to emulate you in superior God consciousness more and more each day.