To say that Malini and her offerings are special would be a serious understatement. Entering her home is equivalent to leaving the material world and walking through a spiritual portal towards transcendental bliss. I have never experienced something so pure, ecstatic, and transformative in my life. I have been practicing yoga (asana) for over a decade yet I was never able to connect with the euphoria of self realization as deeply as I did during the one week I spent with Malini. Because of her mentorship and through practicing the scientific methods she taught me, including mantra meditation, kirtan, and reading sacred texts, I feel more grounded and happier than ever. I have taken the wisdom she shared with me and applied it to my life, and the changes I have experienced have been monumental. If you are seeking growth and self discovery, if you are looking to deepen your yoga practice and understand the origin of this ancient science, look no further. Say YES to the devine process of bhakti with Malini, and I guarantee you will notice the benefits.