Guided by the teachings of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, and facilitated by Malini devi dasi, Bhakti Yoga Retreat offers personal spiritual retreats, mantra & kirtan events, conscious communication workshops, womens’ reading groups, vedic cooking classes, and bhakti-yoga mentorship.

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Experience a clean lifestyle of service, contemplation, and connection with God.

The word “yoga” in Sanskrit to means to connect. And “bhakti” translates to devotional love. “Bhakti-yoga” is thus the practice of connecting to the Divine, or God, through devotional feeling.

The purpose of Bhakti Yoga Retreat and all our services is to gather and educate people on how to devote every aspect and activity of their daily life to the Divine.

If you are searching for a lifestyle that completely encompasses yoga – a yogic life which doesn’t end with your asana class, if you are wanting to experience deep mindfulness and truth from moment to moment, and you wish to gain clarity as to what spiritual activities entail, in comparison to material activities, the offerings here at Bhakti Yoga Retreat are for you. 

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Hello, I’m Malini Devi Dasi

I see how the world is suffering and I want to do my part in making a positive impact.

The best thing I know how to do is create sacred space for spiritual transformation.

I’m eager to serve you, and I offer a variety of methods to support your self-realization process.

For all who come in contact with me, I wish to give them an experience of self-discovery, wonder, and adventure!

There is much to explore in our inner life, questions to ask, and our life purpose to grab ahold of…

I look forward to being a part of your journey. 🙏

 Please let me know how I can support you.